Sports has always been a critical part of student life at all levels of education. In terms of the pursual of a college degree, sports offer an opportunity for students who otherwise may not have been able to afford it. The NCAA alone has reported that both of their divisions provide more than $3.6 billion in athletics scholarships on a yearly basis. This gives you a synopsis of how many students are given the opportunity to receive a college degree through sports.

More Attractive College Application

Even outside of scholarships, sports help to increase the attractiveness of your college application. The students who benefit the most from this are those who are top performers at the state or national level. You do not necessarily have to be the top-ranking athlete in your sport, but you must be competing at the highest levels. This track record makes your college’s much more willing to accept you. Another way that sports can help students get into college is if the institution that they are interested in is actively seeking athletes in the sport that you have excelled in at the high school level.

Academic Performance and Sports

The benefits of sports go beyond being appealing to schools that are in search of applicants who are good at certain sports. Students are better able to go to college when they play sports because there is a scientifically proven link between physical exercise and academic performance. Scientific research has shown that an increase in physical activity enhances the hippocampus and frontal and temporal lobes. These are the areas of the brain that are responsible for cognitive function.

An article published by BBC shared data from a longitudinal study that was done on 5,000 children and adolescents. The study reported strong connections between frequent physical activity and examination success. The subject areas that active students reportedly excelled at were English, mathematics, and science. It has been found that children who exercise regularly are more interested in academics between the ages of 11 and 16.

The Bottom Line

While your success at sports may not be the only determining factor, it is clear from what we have discussed here that sports grant students an incredible opportunity to pursue a college degree. This shows why it is vital that parents give their children a chance to participate in sports and ultimately pursue the sport that they are most interested in. The commitment to supporting your child’s interest in sports is a commitment to helping them have a great future.

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