The HBCU CUP seeks to build a community of students who love to play soccer and provides resources for these students to be better prepared to take advantage of the unique opportunities provided by Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


Our vision is to share with children the culture of love and family we experienced while attending a Historically Black College and University so that those who come after us may be inspired to do great things with a little help from the diaspora.


Our Mission is to provide a safe, supportive and caring environment that builds confidence and prepares our children with the essential skills they need to cultivate a career. We strive to bridge the opportunity gaps that prevent our children from fully realizing their potential and positively contributing to their communities.

Core Values and Beliefs

– Commitment: We are committed to positively impacting the lives of every child in our program through physical activity and educational support.

– Value: We value the culture of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the impact these institutions have had on the lives of people of color around the world.

– Opportunity: We believe that introducing a diversity of opportunities to children at an early age results in better life choices as adults

– Community: We believe to build and maintain our community we must understand our brothers’ and sisters’ challenges and attempt to overcome them together

– Passion: We believe passion provides the motivation that helps us focus on our goals and overcome the obstacles encountered throughout life.

– Excellence: We strive to achieve excellence in all our interactions and decision-making process.